Looking Back at Small Group Communications

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Public Speaking or Small Group Communications? That was the question during class registration of my spring semester. Neither sounded intriguing. The thought of speaking in front of an audience did not sit well with me. After a mental debate on whether I preferred to stand up in front of an audience by myself or with a group of students, the group scenario won. Truthfully, the reason behind this debate and my participation in any communications class was simply because it was a required course that needed to be completed. I had no idea what this class had in store for me. The quality and necessity of the information provided throughout the course were unknown to me at the time. Looking back, I realized how much I had missed in the first weeks of this course because of my attitude towards a class I was not particularly interested in. After I changed my outlook of this course, everything changed. I finally understood what an enormous advantage I have over other people who have never taken a small group communications class. Now I have the knowledge that will help me throughout my future career and everyday life. Through the completion of this course, I now understand the principles of group communication, know how to be an effective participant in a small group, and have the skills that assist in making group decisions that are both effective and appropriate.
Small Group Communications class brought opportunities for me to get out of my comfort zone in order for me to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. It all started when our professor told us that we would be put in groups and those groups would remain together for the duration of the semester. Upon hearing this, I quickly scanned the room for familiar faces. I had...

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...his obstacle of “grouphate” and through learning to trust each other .Now , upon finishing Small Group Communications, we have the satisfaction from solving challenging problems by working in groups. We have enhanced our knowledge from participating in groups. We started out on shifty grounds. Now, we are a successful group that loves working together and experiencing the rewards that come alongside.
This assignment helped reflect back on this semester and see what the Sour Patch Blasters went through and where we are now. It assisted in the realization of my personal strengths and weaknesses that I was afraid to acknowledge before. One way this assignment could be improved, is to clarify section two. There was confusing on what was meant by selecting a theory and describing it. Overall, this assignment is a great to reflect on the past and get ready for the future.
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