Looking Back at Adolescence

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Adolescence is a part of growing up between leaving the childish ways behind and slowly preparing more mature roles as an adult. This is a very confusing part of growing up because this is a time were we are trying to find our identity, creating our long term goals, and making decisions that may affect our lives forever. This can also be characterized as a part where we are trying to fit in a society which we feel we belong because we share the same experiences, thoughts and feelings. Also in this time, some are experimenting on things that come their way. Some of these things lead them to complicated situations. Still some are engaging into smoking, drinking and worst drugs that fatally affect their academic responsibilities. We adolescents grow in a very different setting than the generation before us. We are greatly exposed to technology that teaches us many things. If you open your personal computer at home and start browsing, pornography is just one click away. Too much technology kills us. Everything we might need is already spoon feed to us. I never mean that tech...
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