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In Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of man he stated that humans are evolved from monkeys or more specifically from Apes. This theory then makes humans as mammals or a primate for that matter. There’s a lot of species of mammals and humans are one of them. But if we are mammals just like the others then why the other mammals or primates do had a different life span than what humans had? What does it makes the difference then?
Humans differ from the other primate because we had a bigger brain size than the others. We had the gift of reasoning and we are able to speak our thoughts. But is this enough reason why humans seem to have a longer life span than the other mammals? No, it would not be enough. The universe had endless answers that were just waiting for the discovery of the gifted minds.
If humans are primates then why humans do had a longer life span than the others? Scientist had conducted numerous studies about such and had installment possible reasons why humans had a longer life span than the other mammals. Accordingly studies had then categorized apes, monkeys, humans and others at the side of primates while the others mammals would be in the category of mammals. The studies had conducted to be able to state some possible reason why does primates especially those with humans had a longer life span than mammals.
Studies had conducted and the results had been plotted that was may be the possible answer as to the question that why primates have a longer life span than the other mammals. Mammals have known to have a shorter maturity period, meaning in just a matter of few weeks or months a young mammal would enter the adulthood. Unlike primates that it takes years before it come closer to adulthood.
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... middle of paper ... they currently believed to be.
The said article would have been the answer for questions regarding the difference in the life span of humans, mammals and other primates but somehow in the end of the said article it doesn’t have any supporting studies that would make it more interesting and somehow much more educational and would have been provided a study that had resulted in the same conclusion. The said studies that Dr. Ponzter had conducted along with his teams are informative but it had been lacked of some information that had somehow help the readers in understanding the real score that the studies are emphasizing.
The study could help the readers and other people that could have interested with the information that the studies could have provided but the studies lack with the major information that could have provided information that would be helpful.
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