Long and Short-Term Effects of Drug Usage During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very delicate process. If you think about it most of the women on this earth are of childbearing ages. Once a women finds out she is pregnant, medical care is of vital importance. It is even suggested that if a women is planning on becoming pregnant that they should start healthy habits before conception. Women should go to her gynecologist as soon as she knows that she has become pregnant. To have a healthy baby, the woman needs to have healthy habits throughout the pregnancy. This includes regular checkups, prenatal testing, healthy diet, moderate exercise, plenty of rest, prenatal vitamins and limited stress. If a woman is a smoker, she should stop smoking immediately! If she drinks, she should immediately stop drinking. However, there are many women that continue to use some type of drug while being pregnant. This is unfortunate and unfortunately can really affect their baby, at the time of birth, and as well as later on in the child’s life. Everyone is well aware that the use of any type of drug is not healthy for her fetus, but people still decide to do it. Whether it’s because of an addiction, or not caring. Lets see what the affects are on fetuses with the use of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana tobacco, caffeine, and methamphetamine. During pregnancy it is said by all doctors not to drink alcohol. Alcohol goes straight through the placenta and into a women’s fetus. Therefore, if a woman is drinking alcohol so is her fetus. The fetus is in constant state of growth and development during the entire pregnancy. The first four weeks of pregnancy, the fetuses heart, central nervous system, eyes, arms and legs are beginning to develop. The brain actually begins to develop during the third week of pregnancy and contin... ... middle of paper ... ...every woman should be aware of what the effect of drugs can do on her and her fetus and if she is having a problem quitting, to get help immediately! Being honest with your doctor is the best way to go. Works Cited Brennan, P., Cornelius, M. D., De Genna, N., Lotfipour, S., Paus, T., D'Onofrio, B. M., ... & McBride, C. (2012). Tobacco and pregnancy. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging - 15 December 2004 (Vol. 132, Issue 2, Pages 95- 106, DOI: 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2004.06.004 Kuczkowski, K. M. (2004). Marijuana in pregnancy. ANNALS-ACADEMY OF MEDICINE SINGAPORE, 33, 336-339. Meyer, Kurt D., and Lubo Zhang. "Short- and Long-term Adverse Effects of Cocaine Abuse during Pregnancy on the Heart Development." Short- and Long-term Adverse Effects of Cocaine Abuse during Pregnancy on the Heart Development. SAGE, 15 Jan. 2009. Web. 17 Apr. 2014.

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