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Life Long Memories of New Orleans Where y’at Nola? In New Orleans that means what’s up or where are you. I come from a New Orleans background. My entire family was born and raised in New Orleans, sadly I was not. At the age of six,my family and I relocated to Arkansas after Hurricane Katrina. Although I barely remember living there I am still able to embrace my New Orleans culture thanks to my family.The best part about our culture is the cajun food. My grandmother continues to cook cajun food as if we were still back home. The New Orleans Boil is one meal that my grandmother cooks that brings my entire family together. This meal has a lot of meaning in our family . My grandmother's famous boil consist of crawfish, potatoes, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and crab legs. My grandmother uses a top secret seasoning made by herself to season the food before she mixes the food in a big pot of salted water . Finally, she lets it cook for six to eight hours, grabs a serving plate,and ask a male of the family to bring all the food to the table. After this takes place, my family gathers around the table with a empty plate in front of them for the cracked shells from the sea food, we pray, and then we all begin to serve ourselves and eat.While reminiscing, I can taste the soft potato falling apart in my mouth and the juice that falls out of the perfectly seasoned and spicy crawfish when I crack them open.. When my grandmother cooks this meal she seems to get sad because this was my grandfather's favorite meal. My granddad and my uncle died tragically in a car accident on May 22, 2006 due to a drunk driver. Every year since their death, on May 22 we celebrate by cooking her famous boil,turning on the music, set the tables up o... ... middle of paper ... ...e kids and teen to start a fund raisers to raise money for this event. One time we had to wash cars in front of a auto repair shop. I remember holding signs up in the air so they would come and get their car washed. We had the gospel music turned up and just had a blast washing the cars for the crawfish boil. This meal mean alot to me and my family .As you can tell it has went a long way in my life. It seems to only be used for the most important occasion in our life. I only listed a few that touched home the most .This meal reminds me of my grandmother and grandfather . I barely get to see her now because i've been so busy and i can't talk to my granddad anymore . Everytime i think of this meal i think of her and him and all the fun time we had around this meal. I love my culture and i love my family .New Orleans will always be in our culture and in our food.

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