Logistics System In Logistics Management

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The integration of IT with logistics management is an important prerequisite for good logistics management. An electronic commerce portal can be used as a marketing channel in collaboration with existing intermediaries or through bypassing mediators disintermediation will provide high leverage opportunities to the logistics function and increase its flexibility. Hence the development of E-Logistics gets to be fundamental for accomplishment in worldwide operations examine the advancement of electronic markets in logistics with logistics financier frameworks (LBS). LBS is an open online data and incorporation framework for transportation and logistics services, offering customs and financial links, pricing, space availability, booking capability…show more content…
Chapter 3
Development of an E-Logistics System for Warehouse Management

For logistic procedures, it is essential to manage the information stream. This applies to the data on your products in the distribution centers and also data on shipments on their way to your clients. The fundamental cargo Group puts consistently in functional IT-solutions. I do this because I believe that good IT offers extraordinary points of interest for all gatherings in the Supply Chain. All our IT-solutions are gathered under the name E-Logistics. This framework has four major dimensions:
(i) Strategic planning,
(ii) Partnership development
(iii) Inventory management
(iv) Information
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The importance of IT in logistics management is highlighted by the fact that customers can track, trace and generate advanced logistics reports so that timely decisions can be made and corresponding actions were taken. Many companies are trying to develop a seamless information system so that more accurate and timely information can be exchanged to help decision-making and provide competitive logistics services (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2004a). Several
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