Logistics Support for Agro business in context of the Supply Chain of

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For purchasing/ procuring raw materials  the Group selects supply source ;  It prepares purchase timing and quantities. For its products protective packaging are designed for handling, storage and protection from loss and damage agro firms specifies aggregate quantities ,sequence and time of production ,schedule supplies for production/operations .For information maintenance Information collection, storage and manipulation, data analysis and control procedures are followed. 5.02 Company Responses and Adjustments Some agribusiness firms are managed by a multidiscipline team. It prefers to own brands rather than physical assets.For attracting customers, all products are available on the Internet. Consumers can access pictures of products and click to order and pay. Business-to-business purchasing is growing fast on the Internet. 5.03 Market responses and adjustments- Lesson Attributes Major marketing themes of the agro products are;  To focus on transactions to building long-term, profitable customer relationships. Companies focus on their most profitable customers, products, and channels.  The company offer to deliver a constantly needed product on a regular basis at a lower price per unit to capture the customer’s business for a longer period.  For gaining market share the company emphasizes on building customer share by offering a large variety of goods to existing customers.  They train the employees in cross-selling and up-selling.  The company’s marketing is facilitated by the proliferation of special-interest magazines, TV channels, and Internet, news groups.  For creating customer database, the company collects sales data about individual customer’s purchases, preferences, and demographics and profitability.  Companies apply data mining techniques to discover new segments and trends hidden in the data.  The
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