Logistics And Inbound Logistics

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(Walter, 2003), describes that supply chain management consists of chain of actions and companies that move materials through on their passage from initial suppliers to final customers. On that journey each company somehow is adding value to the product. Inbound logistics is that when materials move into the organization from the suppliers. It is also called inward logistics and when material move out to customers it is called outbound logistics or outward logistics and material management is when material move within the organization.
(Vrat, 1999), tells the need for successful management of supply chain in Indian situation and describes the problems and challenges faced in logistic system and explains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in each with specific force on the role of IT & communication in supply chain management. A number of explanations are indicated along with the need to look at supply chain from a overall system point of view and in design and operation of logistics system OR/MS techniques are to be used.
(Vijayaraghavan, 1999), describe about the rol...
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