Logical Fallacies In Donald Trump's I Have A Dream Speech

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Martin Luther King Jr used just as many logical fallacies in his “I have a dream” speech as Donald Trump does in everyone of his speeches. Logical fallacies have opened my eyes. I am a very strong believer in equality for all. One of my favorite speeches of all time is the “I have a dream” speech. When I learned of logical fallacies and realized that they were everywhere I started to question if anyone in the news or in history had given a solid argument without using at least one logical fallacy. “I have a dream” has affected my life greatly however after actually reading the speech and taking it apart step by step I have realized it might not be as great of a speech as I once thought it was.

I read all of Martin Luther Kings Jr. speeches
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I was so ready to go conquer the world I was just one semester away for graduating and going to college where I could not only better myself yet have the opportunity to go out into the world and work on the cause that I have been so passionate about since I was eleven years old. We started off the year learning about logical fallacies and how they were all over the news and politics and it got me thinking. One night as I was trying to brainstorm ideas for equality I took out my copy of “I have a dream” and started to read it really read it this time. When I was going through a tough time or didn 't think that I could really make a difference I would read that speech and realize that I too had a dream that I must not quit on and just keep pushing forward. However this time was different. This time as I was reading I started to see faulty arguments throughout the speech not just one here and there but all throughout. I thought that it must not be true that I must be just analyzing it too much there was no way that the speech that had such a huge impact on my life and was one of the major reasons I felt so strongly about equality was filled with faulty arguments. I didn 't know what to do I pushed that thought out of my head and tried to forget about it and make excuses for the speech like there was not logical fallacies during that time period. He didn 't know that his argument was faulty. It didn 't even…show more content…
Yet for some reason I just could not stop reading it. Then it hit me. Even though the speech was a big faulty argument it still got the people 's attention and it still lit a spark in me. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech might have had logical fallacies throughout however in the end it still got the message across loud and clear. I am no longer angry at the speech or even logical fallacies for being a thing. I actually am thanking logical fallacies because without their existence I would have been fighting for equality with them

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