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Alexus Enterprises web presence is currently hosted by a third party, but unfortunately, their site goes down frequently due to the co-hosted environment that the third party hosting provider utilizes. As a result of this poor management of the data center of the third party hosting provider, Alexus Enterprises has determined that it has become too costly to continue to host their site at the remote location. It is for these reasons that it is proposed that Alexus Enterprises opts to move forward to the use of a Windows Server 2012 system that will allow for the hosting of their own sites, ensuring that their web presence remains secure. To this end, the following proposal will work to detail the requirements for hosting a website on Windows Server 2012, the development plan needed to secure the server and to secure the website, and the plan for name resolution at the main location, name resolution for the remote locations, and the placement of the servers themselves.
Implementation of a Windows Server 2012 System
In light of the issues that Alexus Enterprises has faced, the following information has been gathered for the purposes of determining the feasibility of the hosting of websites on servers owned and operated by Alexus Enterprises, as opposed to utilizing a co-location hosting option with a third party hosting company.
Requirements for Hosting on Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 may be utilized for the purposes of hosting a site either within a data center operated by a hosting company or through individual servers owned by the company itself. In order to do so, the server itself will need to be configured for the Windows Web Hosting Platform (McMurray, 2012). The Windows Web Hosting Platform works to ensure that...

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... or co-lo server, has gone down, and whether or not additional business is being lost. In so doing, the company will be able to shift its focus to more important matters, thereby ensuring the continued success at the organization and negating the lost profits that have become commonplace.

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