Local Universities versus Foreign Universities

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Education is an endless learning process that has continuously been a part of our life. The best education can carry us have a better future. For this reason, there are numerous students wish to get the best education that they can. Recently, there are many students option continues their study in foreign universities instead of local universities. Do the overseas universities really better than local universities? In fact, both universities, local or foreign portray their own uniqueness, from the cost of studying to the environment factors but they are similar in studying and the similarity in experiences.
The cost of studying in local universities and foreign universities is greatly different. First, the cost of tuition fees in foreign universities is higher than in local universities. Studying in local universities need to spend about forty to fifty thousand ringgit whereas studying in foreign universities, we need to spend a few hundred thousand ringgit. While, different countries have completely different currency rate. With the present economy downturn and the dropping value of the local currency, when we convert our currency to other country currency, our value will become smaller and cause the costs of tuition fees are increasing and definitely more expensive. For example, you can acquire a UK engineering degree (3 years) in Malaysia through a 3+0 franchised degree programme at an estimated RM51,000 (USD16,000), whereas the tuition fee of the same 3-year degree programme at the host university in the UK is about RM144,000 (USD45,000). (Studymalaysia, n.d.). In addition, study locally usually government will subsidy a part of the tuition fees, therefore the expenses in slower. When students study foreign, they're going to b...

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... interesting and challenging experience for students. Thus, students will learn to live without depending on anyone else such as family and friend. Moreover, students will face problems on their own. For example, they need to adapt the university life as soon as possible. As a result, students will be tougher in overcoming any challenges in their life. In short, study universities encourage students to stand on their own two feet either in foreign or local. Eventually, one will develop a greater self-reliance, independence, and self-confidence. As a result, studying in local universities or foreign universities can also gain experiences.
In conclusion, costs and environment factors are different between local universities and foreign universities but both universities have similarity in the aspect of experiences. Both universities have their own advantages as well.
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