Local Government Case Study

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. Introduction Local government is said to be the government of the people by the people and for the people. This expression is said because people are actively involved in their own governance through citizen participation which may take many forms such as the payments for service which are provided by the local municipalities when they pay for services they are actually paying back to themselves because they are the one who will benefit from these services offered by the municipality (James, 1992). That is why it is said that local government is the government of the people by the people and for the people. When one looks at this expression one would immediately get the impression that local government has no flaws and is fully functional…show more content…
Lack of investments and economic activities
People still struggle to get better services this may be due to the lack of investment as well as the availability of economic activities in that jurisdiction we turn our attention mostly to homelands where it is characterized by low economic activities as well as poor investments one can see the difference between a metropolitan municipality that is in an industrialised area and a rural municipality that is in the homelands one finds that community service that are offered by the two municipalities are not of the same quality.
A metropolitan municipality is able to attract investment due to industrialisation and the availabilities of opportunities, it is also able to collect it revenue and is able to deliver better services one of the reasons why it is able to deliver better services is because of the availability of the private sector which is able to assist municipalities in delivering better services for instance there are municipal service partnerships which according to Reddy et al can be defined as a contractual arrangement with other body or organisation for the delivery or performance of any municipal services(2003:203). The lack of economic activities and investment in rural municipalities cause the municipal not to perform as well as the metropolis municipality due to the absence of investment and economic activities. Rural municipalities heavy relies on government grants for it operations and sometimes those grants are not enough for them to provide the people with better services that is why people struggle to get better services especially in rural areas (Draai,
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