Lobbying Vs Lobbying

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America is paralyzed. Americans hear this all the time, in one form or another. When they turn on the TV and watch the news, they see numerous headlines referring to the declining state of the U.S., be it the economy, American politics, or even American society. Massive unemployment, an ever-increasing income gap, gender inequality, lack of needed reforms; these are just some of the problems America faces. Most Americans wonder: “who is to blame?”. Although many Americans would immediately point to President Obama, he is not at fault. Obama does not make the laws in America; Congress does. In recent years, Congress has been extremely inept and incapable of helping America due to the influences and effects of one part of the U.S. political system: lobbying. Lobbying is when companies or organizations hire people to influence the decisions of congressmen. In theory, this system is useful to have, but in practice it causes nothing but trouble. Lobbying is detrimental to America’s political climate since it places the interests of politicians and companies over those of the general public. Lobbying is not a recent idea, with lobbying having been seen as an integral part of American government since the time of the Founding Fathers. However, the system of lobbying has become corrupt since minority fringe groups use it to promote their own interests. What should be a system used to promote the interests of all Americans is being used to promote the interests of the extremely wealthy or powerful in order to have the country bend to their will. If Americans make lobbying harder to corrupt or if Americans get rid of it entirely, then the paralysis might end. To best understand lobbying, a look into the past is required. From the tim... ... middle of paper ... ...ess Americans act now and push for lobbying reform, the American pubic will continue to suffer from the lack of a useful and compassionate government that cares about fixing America’s problems. Aside from partisanship in government, lobbying is the biggest problem in American politics today, and it is quite unfortunate how the majority of people do not know what lobbying is or what it is doing to the government. The American public does not deny that the government needs fixing, but because they do not know about lobbying or its effects, they can only stand and watch as their government of the people, by the people, for the people, crumbles to the ground. Lobbying is detrimental to America’s political climate since it places the interests of politicians and companies over all other concerns. America is truly paralyzed, and this corrupt lobbying is to blame.
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