Lobby Groups

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Lobby Groups

In this comparison between David B. Truman and V.O. Key, Jr.’s views on lobby groups they have different interpretations on role and interaction of these groups in government. In a democratic system there is bound to be resentment and desire for change because it is impossible to satisfy everybody. Truman and Key describe how those individuals try to be recognized while forming groups for “strength in numbers”. In the comparison of interest and pressure groups it is apparent that although they created resentment in the inner layers of government, they were necessary to the development and progress of the political system.

According to David B. Truman in the excerpt from The Governmental Process he demonstrates the need, influence and the importance of containment of lobby groups. Although lobby groups are separated into organized groups and unofficial groups, he considers them both equally important and dangerous interest groups. Through his writings he also demonstrates his opinion that political parties are only a large form of an interest group. Political parties don’t have as many concurrent attitudes because of its influence on impressionable people and its size, but nevertheless it is an interest group. The small, either unofficial or official interest groups usually have influence upon various members of the political parties and use their influence to infiltrate their attitudes to the National Government. Both interest groups and political parties have played a large impact on the development of the governmental system and it is noticeable because although they are not the group that obtained the control and power of the operation, many of their proposals have been put into existence. They were not incorporated into the government because of the people’s constant fear or losing the ideal of democracy and the threat of becoming too socialistic. Therefore it was important to have individuals representing their groups (states) in the government. The establishment of interest groups was necessary because “We do not, in fact, find individuals otherwise than in groups”. Interest groups were only a means for influential powerful people to be able to gain recognition from the government by obtaining a following. It is essential in the democratic process to have the individual’s interaction and as a result of having a large complex ...

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.... Political parties are an example of interest groups because they have specific ideas which they reinforce. However, the diversity and size of the political parties usually makes the members not agreed upon many issues. Therefore the members sustain their interests until they gain power in the government where they are able to act upon their previous intentions. This has been the cause of many political figures actually supporting the other political party than the one they were selected from on many issues. All interest and pressure groups contain a small group of enthusiast leaders and a mass of either indifferent or inactive members. Therefore it is not an act of socialism or political takeover of the government because they are pushing for an issue with a small group.

Lobby groups are essential in the functioning of the government as a whole. They could never replace government but through V.O.Key, Jr. and David B. Truman’s analysis on the importance of lobby groups in government functions it shows that they are necessary. They demonstrate that lobby groups represent the people and are an establishment that helps facilitate individual interaction with the government.
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