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Personal Project is a project that each 10th grade students must design and exhibit at the end of the process. Students all have chosen different types of project that’s significant in their different areas of interaction. The project I have chosen to do is creating special effects that often appear in movies. My area of interaction is Human Ingenuity. Special effects were created by human and it’s used a lot in the current world. I choose to focus on the process of learning the actual process of making the special effect so I would be able to create my own at the end of the process. I could’ve also be focused on the area of Communication. For example running a EA or a workshop teaching others how to create their special effect. But I chose to focus on the human ingenuity part because I’m more interested in the process and the outcome. Teaching others could be also inspiring but I want to master the craft first. I chose this topic because I’m very interested in movies and the process of making the film. I shot some short films before and I felt like there’s still more to discover. I helped my friend to shoot a 15 minutes long film in G8 and there were no special effects in movies. Although none of my family members are related to this topic, they support me with my interest and sometimes give me some small advices. After watching more movies and reading more materials, I grew some interest on special effects in movies. I also looked at some Youtube videos before I started my project. I watched some short tutorials and found out that some of the effects are very easy to do and they look cool and realistic. My original goal was to create a documentary, a PPT or a essay on the evolution of special effects from 1980-2010. After a whil... ... middle of paper ... ...effects are pretty easy to do. So things that has changed my decisions are mostly related to the sources I can find. Some of the sources even informed about what types of effects I should do as a beginner. I have developed a lot of techniques in my investigation, I understood how Adobe After Effects works and how to create effects in there. I also developed some researching skills. Especially when it comes to the selection of sources. When I’m going through the Youtube videos. I also learned something about making videos. I watched more than 40 different tutorials in my personal project process and I noticed a lot of interesting things. Videos that has earned good comments all have a slow pace. The tutors talked slow and clear and demonstrated each step clearly. The videos with bad comments all had a very fast tempo and they haven’t been describing things clearly.

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