Living Martyrs

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Throughout Catholic Church history, there seems to have consistently been a deeply seeded contempt for the Church in society that manifests itself according to contemporary customs. Thankfully, the brutality enforced in the past against Catholics and Catholicism itself, in which the Body of Christ was murdered for their faith, is not presently a threat, at least in the Western Hemisphere. However, in a world inundated by personal and public bias in the late 20th and early 21st century-defining mainstream media, in which prejudice is supposedly and superficially unacceptable, the Church still cannot escape attack. Be it because of the hypocritical actions of individual Catholics, the Church’s controversially firm stance against popular immoralities in society, and/or personal bigotry, anti-Catholicism is on the rise. The negative impact this has on both Catholics and non-Catholics is substantial, because it is through the news, television, and the rest of the media that viewers are kept au-courant, and consequently, develop certain labels associated with the Catholic Church. Through inaccurate reporting of Catholic happenings, crude content and dialogue, and the use of imperfect individuals’ faults as reason to conform Church Teaching into modern ideals and societal views, the mainstream media displays anti-Catholic bias. Perhaps most prominently, and at times, subtly, journalists and reporters in the mainstream media display examples of Anti-Catholic bias through inaccurate reporting of Catholic happenings. By the use of misconstrued facts, one-sided reporting, and opinions portrayed as “facts”, without factual basis, the Catholic Church has been unfairly slandered. For example, transcripts from a November 11, 2010, episode of 36... ... middle of paper ... ... War on Religion,” Fox News Network, July 11, 2010 (accessed March 15, 2014). Dowd, Maureen, “Father Doesn’t Know Best”, New York Times, May 22, 2012, (Accessed February 18, 2014). Donahue, Bill, “Editorials on Popes”, Catholic Catalyst, (Accessed March 4, 2014). Donahue ,Bill, “2012 Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism: Media”, Catholic League, (accessed February 28, 2014). Donahue, Bill, “Bill Maher’s History of Anti-Catholicism 1198-2013”, Catholic League, November 25, 2013, (March 15, 2014).
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