Living Healthy Lives

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Living Healthy Lives Looking at the world today, we can see that there are many things that have changed throughout time. One of these things would be that people are living longer and healthier lives. On the other hand there are also people that are not living such heal y lives and for a reason that seems to be a mystery. No matter how much time or research scientists put into these issues they never seem to solve some of the great mysteries that plague humans today. Some of these issues would be cancer, AIDS, and he t disease. Some people think that these problems have just recently come up in society, when in reality these sicknesses have been around for many years. A major thing that has changed would be the life expectancy rate has risen within the last couple ecades so therefore people are dying from these types of diseases instead of from things like, " ...violence or infectious disease..." (Asimov 466), as they have in the past. These diseases are important now because people are dying from them and there s so much time, money, and effort being put into the research and possible cures. The problem is that there are so many diseases and scientists to go around and it still seems that we are moving too slowly for a possible cure or miracle drug for these lnesses. Asimov in his essay entitled "Cholesterol" speaks about how cholesterol is now a bigger threat to humans now more than ever before (466). At the time that this essay was written there was only one or two pills out that were aiding in the effectiveness f preventing death caused by heart disease. Asimov assures his readers that , "There is hope," (467). The thing that has only recently been brought to the population is that, "... we are all susceptible to AIDS..." (Gould 483). Stephen Gould goes on say: We didn't notice the spread at first. In a population of billions, we pay little attention when one increases t two, or eight to sixteen, but when one million becomes two million, we panic, even though the rate of doubling has not increased. (483) He realizes how humans think and how our society seems to deal with disease and other serious matters. We as a race seem to overlook things if they are not affecting us directly.
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