Living Ghost: Living Ghosts

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Living Ghosts Not many people think of death as something that can be survived. After all, death is an escapable aspect of life for all things on Earth. There are, however, instances where death stares one in the face and is repelled at the last moment. This is the closest one can be to experiencing death, for death is the interruption of anymore experiences. The avoidance of death, whether just or not, will have the same everlasting effect. The survivor will forever carry that moment with them, haunted by the injustice done to them. Robbed of the serenity that death can offer from bleak scenarios, life becomes devoid of the vibrancy it once possessed. The survivor becomes a ghost with a physical form, a remnant of their former selves with…show more content…
Ultimately, life will conclude and this thought becomes generally accepted as time goes on. This process can be twisted into something toxic to the mind. When someone is tormented and death seems imminent, saving said person can be a form of torture itself. Surviving something traumatic leaves a scar on the psyche, one that cannot always been seen from the outside. The time that has been taken to come to terms with death has been wasted, and instead simply a time of pain. If one chooses to look at this survivor as a ghost, they will be better equipped to attempt to understand. They will be able to see that time cannot erase memories and the pain that has been burned into the minds of the victims. Escaping death in this instance can be equated with the reapplication of the fetters of life and denying ones acceptance of…show more content…
This alludes to the notion that what he is feeling cannot be discovered, but only rediscovered, insinuating that this perspective has always been in the foreground of life, just never acknowledged. It is a transformation that one can only be made aware of once they have experienced it, a transformation that alters the lens through which life is viewed and obscures all prior vantages. This is the driving process behind a survivor becoming a ghost and warrants viewing them this way. In this light, one can just begin to understand the change being undertaken, as it is impossible to fully comprehend without the same experiences. With this view, the mental state of survivors can more easily be understood without the misinterpretations that often accompany this transformation. Viewing the survivor as a ghost emphasizes the fragility of life and showcases the impact of traumatic events on the human
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