Living At Home Better Than Eating At The Restaurant Or Fast Food

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Most of the foods are already available because when I decided to record my food during a 3 days period, I didn’t change something and I like to be as same as usual. I mean I wanted to see how much calories in per day if I eat the same food that I eat it every day. However, I usually buy everything like food, vegetarian, and juice that would be enough for a month because I am not that person love to eat too much. Yes, I eat and drink coffee, water, and mike, but not too much. However, I often I cook dinner for myself because I do prefer to eat at home better than eating at the restaurant or fast food. However, of course, I am not forced to eat specific food because some kind of food that I cannot eat it and some of them makes me allergic. So, sometimes if I eat too much for example for dinner and my friends invite me to the restaurant after the dinner 5 hours. I usually refuse to eat because sometimes I still feel full and I don’t need to eat more. Nutrition is very important to student especially who want to change their habit food in order to lose weight or gain muscle weight. For example, for me is important I wanted to track my calories per day, but my condition was I don’t want to pretend to eat diet when I start to record Dietary 3 days. Then, I go to work out at the gym and I want to make sure if my food is diet or not. Second, is important to me because I want to track my dietary supplements like protein or calcium. I just note during my day I was taking a lot of protein from food, and plus I was taking much protein before I go to the gym like “Quest Bar”. However, when I noted this, I immediately I stopped to eat quest bar because I don’t need it and I taking protein from eggs, chicken, and else. In this paper the repo... ... middle of paper ... heart disease, diabetes, or else. Conclusion, I talked about my experience while I am recording my diet food and it wasn’t hard for me to record my diet because of it usually for me and this my food I eat it every day. Also, I have learned that after recording, there are many things I have to take care of it like fruits, and others I have to not worry about it like protein. However, nutrition is very important to students and it could make them rethink about kinds of food they eat because I know some friends eat at breakfast burger like heavy food for the stomach. Also, there is hugely different between weekdays and weekends because in weekdays I always buy with projects and homework, and weekends it like is open food that I can eat whatever I want. After that, I think students or people will consideration about taking care of their health and avoid diseases.
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