Liturgical Movement

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During the 20th century, the liturgical movement inspired widespread changes in different religions around the world. This liturgical movement changed how churches carried their traditions and faith. During this change, many churches, such as the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion, had to adapt to the reforms inspired by the 20th century liturgical movement.
The liturgical movement was a huge reformation of many faiths. “The purpose of the movement was to connect tradition people and the church. During this movement the church tried to simplify its processes for everyday use. For instance, the Church translated some parts of the Mass from Latin to the language of the country of where the church resided. The priesthood also went through advanced training to ensure that they could properly execute every aspect of the Mass. This effort by the Christian churches established they wanted to people and the community to have motivation to preach and worship their particular faith .”
A few written creations during the late 19th century were thought to be some of the pieces that triggered the liturgical movement, Didache, Apostolic Tradition, and Church Orders. The Church Orders mainly consisted of the teaching of conduct within the church and the description of the roles ministers and other clergymen had to play within their parish and or district/community
Through Apostolic Tradition, the Church guided its parishes and assured order from highest to lowest possible. In other words, “there is constancy from the Bishop all the way down to the oils used for sacraments. Furthermore, Apostolic Tradition lists the rules for holy day of obligation and fasting for certain days etc..etc. ”
The Didache, which ...

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