Little Women Louisa May Alcott Analysis

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4 May 2016 Coming of Age in Little Women Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is an example of Jo March 's coming of age. Jo March experiences love, loss and the struggles of family life as a young woman. Her character is set apart from other characters because she lives her own way in the world. In this work, the journey of the main character transitions from childhood to womanhood which is shown through literature. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is an example of Jo March’s coming of age as can be seen through moral lessons, family values and loving relationships that she experiences. Moral lessons are established throughout Little Women based on Jo March’s actions and
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The family values are reinforced between the young girls and their feelings toward their parents. It is seen throughout the novel, Alcott continually wanted the sisters to be driven by the issue of family poverty. Alcott included resourceful events that she experienced herself to show a realistic depiction of struggles family face. The classic captivates the true essence of a family 's values. The work is a very adaptable story to all ages who are going through the similar situations of family life. The author insinuates that, “youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life [will] become a beautiful success, in spite of poverty” (Alcott 118). Various critics conclude that Alcott is a better writer in Little Women in comparison to previous novels written. She includes a lot of controversial themes and events that deal with a 19th century family issue. While the story develops, Jo is beginning to see the error of her ways. As she is growing into adulthood she starts to become fully appreciative of love and support from her family. Stuart adds, “in that sentimental yet realistic look at domestic life, second eldest sister Jo March--whom generations of girls recognize as [is] a thinly veiled version of Alcott herself” (Stuart 2005). Alcott envisions Jo March as herself and was capable to make a deeper connection in her writings. Incorporating the examination of how four young girls lived during the…show more content…
The novel provides readers with a lasting understanding on realigning yourself to the present. This aspect along with other significant occurrences in her life resulted into a coming of age story. As well as what true love defines. It is poignant, clear and an enlightening evolution for young
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