Little Sucubus

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"Mylena I need your help!" Sweat said after sneaking into her den. If Jeezebel found out about his sneaky adventure he wouldn't hear the end of it. "What! What? What do you want, can't you see I'm trying to learn technique!" Mylena says between seductive licks of a helli-pop.

"Grendel's gonna get himself killed." He rants pacing her velvet carpet. All licking ceases and Mylena is all ears. "Speak." She grins and swishes her arrowed tail back and forth.

"Were gonna spy on Grendel...In the human world."
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{{ “Sweat, I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Mylena said for the uptenth time. She adjusted her binoculars and zoomed in on Grendel. The black haired gem was all over the woman he’d found earlier on the street. “Now that I’m finally free we could have went clubbing. You suck.”

Sweat and Mylena sat perched on a hotel balcony not far from the flat that Grendel was taken to by the woman he'd found on the street. In fact they had such a good view from checking into a hotel that stood exactly across from the apartment building.

Sweat grimaced. “Can you just tell me if he kills her or not?” He said agitatedly. “Besides, you should be watching anyway, after all, you’ll be in the same position soon.” Mylena frowned. “Fuck you Sweat.” He grinned. “In what position?” }}

“You act like you’ve tried positions.” Mylena scoffed, and grabbed a sour straw from the candy stash they had bought earlier.

“Well my parents didn’t name me Whet for nothing.” He said like he was discussing the time of the day. Mylena stiffened, before bursting out laughing. She couldn’t even hold the binoculars straight and she started to choke on the half eaten sour strip hanging out of her mouth.

“Wh- ...

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...hell and give Grendel his little punishment. You may continue to enjoy yourself at the club with your demonic peers little youngling since Mylena’s friends are here.” Asmodeus says before walking out into the sea of gyrating bodies.

Cain deflated and put on a playful grin, “Well little younglings, let us show you how to have a good time.” Cain holds his hand out for Mylena’s. “Fuck yes!” Mylena grins and takes it, shimming her hips to the rough bass music now playing to follow Cain into the crowd.

Naamah and Bes glance at Sweat and stifle their laughs. “What?” Sweat grumbles, confused.

“Your name is Whet?”The asking in unison. Sweat groans and covers his face. “I’m growing into it!” He defended and stomped into the sweaty bodies as Mylena and Cain did.

“Ah what the hell. Tonight was a good night.” Bes says grabbing Naamah’s hand. “Let’s go fuck shit up.”

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