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I saw the play Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman on Saturday the 7th of December 2013, at my school Dubai International Academy. It was about how a single but dangerous plant makes and breaks the Mushnik's Skid Row Florists business, and the romantic conflict as well as the traitorous characteristics of Seymour Krelborn. The main themes of the play are horror and comedy. I think that the production of the play was very successful as they had the audience locked into the story and overall, it was a very enjoyable and entertaining experience. The set of the play Little Shop of Horrors was a complex type of stage. It looked as it if were turntable style, for example, after each major scene which changed the look of the florist’s shop, the turntable would rotate, changing the look and design of the shop and adding, subtracting or changing the look of different props in the shop, like the mysterious plant. This greatly added to the atmosphere of the play, as it showed different stages of the shop’s development. The use of this type of set was surprising as the whole layout of the shop would change very quickly and swiftly, even though the actors were not always on the stage. The costumes of the actors were around the 1980’s style of clothing, making use of bright neon colors like orange, blue, pink, and lots more. For some of the actors and actresses, their hairstyles date back to the 80’s style. All of this did add to the effect of the set as it improved the authenticity of the scenes. There were many uses of sound in the play, for example, voice overs, sound effects, music, beats and more. The sounds used made the scene more realistic and made the audience feel like they are there with the characters. Some sounds which wer... ... middle of paper ... ... They played their parts quite differently, they spoke differently, looked different, and their body language was different too. The character cast was appropriate for their parts as they had sounded like they were different people as compared to their first casting. Not a lot of special effects were used in this play. The only special effect used was the lighting effects. They were used to create more depth into the play. It worked very well as it made the play seem all the more realistic. I think that the play ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ performed in DIA was very successful as it perfectly incorporated all the elements of drama together and it all worked together well. The elements of drama used in this play was; set, costume, sound, lighting, characters & characterization, units of action, dialogue, pacing & timing, director’s decisions, and special effects.

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