Little Red Cap Folk Tale

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Little Red Cap folk tale produces idea inside the setting starting from village to her grandmother house by getting through the forest. These ideas include duty when the girl was asked to bring the food to her grandmother, experiencing new environment and unknown creatures when she got into the forest, bravery when the huntsman saves their life, learn to be responsible and obedient from making mistakes when she breaks her mother’s promise. In folk tales, setting is the time and place that events take place. This essay is going to talk about the environment in the village, then the event inside the forest, next it will demonstrate about the event and atmosphere at the grandmother house and finally it will show what does the girl learn from her mistakes.

In the first part of the story, the mother ask Little Red Cap to bring a piece of cake and a bottle of wine to her grandmother who lives in the forest and tells her to be careful. Little Red Cap lives in a village where many people lives and socializes together. Therefore, village represents society. The girl lives under the protection of her mother and always stays at home in the village because of her immaturity. Home is a secure place, so she does not have chances to face the outside world. Hence, she does not have many experiences and knowledge. Her mother gives her a duty that she has to accomplish and warn her not to leave the path, which means to focus and responsible for her duty. A piece of cake represents self-control and carefulness. Cake is a kind of bread cover with soft cream, which is easily to lose its shape. Hence, self-control and carefulness is crucial to carry without losing the shape. On the other hand, a bottle of wine represents virginity of the girl. Wine b...

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...t afraid of the wolf; and he can saves the girl and grandmother’s life by not killing the wolf but cutting his belly and bring them out alive.

Afterwards, the girl brings the food to her grandmother house again by using the same path but this time she focuses on her duty and responsibility. Later, she reaches her grandmother house safety and her grandmother is also safe because she has learned to focus and self-control by staying on the path. These are the experiences that she has learned from her mistakes that she has made before such as being irresponsible, carelessness and disobedient when she stray from the path.

In conclusion, traveling from village to forest tells us about changing and experiencing new environment and situation. Plus, it shows that making mistakes can change people’s behavior and teach them from what they have done wrong in the past.
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