Little Boy Russia

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1952, Russia, Dimitrive Shorrane is born. He is born silent instead of crying. He does not wiggle, or squirm, or even move at all, but he is breathing, his heart is beating and he has a pulse. He has purple eyes with a turquoise tint and black hair. At the time, Judy(Dimitrive’s mother) is married to Henry Shorrane. Judy has light brown hair, with dark brown eyes. Henry works as a soldier and is often called out to battle. He has green eyes, tinted with blue. One day, Henry went out to fight in a battle and Judy didn’t see him for over two months. Then, she got a letter, it said that Henry died in an awful war. She fell into a deep depression, but Dimitrive was always there to cheer her up, even though he had no clue what was happening. Eventually he found out what was happening and why his mother was so sad, then he too fell into a deep depression. All of that ended though, Dimitrive and his mother were only feeling sadness like any other and were moving on. Judy was now getting married to a man called Serius Gallothe. So now Judy changed her name to Judy Shorrane-Gallothe, but Dimitrive was unsure about Serius, so he refused to change his name as his mother had. Judy did not want to stay in Russia now, she wanted to created a new life, so she decided to move to Australia. Serius refused to go with her, he liked it in Russia and didn’t want to change one thing about his life anymore. So Judy finally decided to go alone. She decided that Dimitrive would live with his step-father. In about a month, Judy was in Australia. She had bought a new house, but there was something else. It was only after she bought the house and was moving in that she found out that she was having another child. The child was finally born and it was anoth... ... middle of paper ... ... row the boat to shore, he hurt his arm even more. So, he would have to wait at least a year to take off the bandages. That didn’t matter to him though, by then he figured he would be with his mother, living peacefully. He hadn’t read any of the letters though, he never was able to and because of this he did not know he had a younger brother. Within two weeks, he had made it to Australia and found his mother. He now knows that he has a little brother named Abrajam and he loves him just like his mother. Judy got a divorce with Serius and kept all of her money. She got married again, this time with a man named Golliathe Wellak. So Judy changed her name to Judy Shorrane-Gallothe-Wellak, Dimitrive and Abrajam did the same thing. They all lived a peaceful and fun life from then on. Especially with Serius being taken away to jail after the horrible thing he tried to do.
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