Literature Review Of The Marketing Language On 12 Bags Of Potato Chips

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INTRODUCTION To loosely paraphrase Steven Poole (2012), trendy eating is the new rock-n-roll. Lest the mind wanders to bygone days of white tablecloths and unpronounceable dinner menus as culinary status symbols, today’s elite dining includes that which is authentic and exotic, has a history and a first name, and is here for a Limited Time Only. This literature review focuses on three research studies that examine the type of language used by media and marketing professionals when discussing or describing cuisine, particularly that which is considered upper-class. The first study analyzes four gourmet food magazines, and determines what food is considered upper class, and why. The second is a corpus study based on marketing language used…show more content…
They used six more expensive and six cheaper brands that were all found at the grocery store. They found that more words and a higher reading level were found on the expensive potato chips, whereas fewer words and a lower reading level were found on less expensive potato chips. Distinctive tactics used on the expensive potato chips included describing the chip’s uniqueness, using comparative tactics (such as, “judged best in America”), & negation. Additionally, negation was fourteen times more prevalent on expensive potato chips than on less expensive ones. This included phrases that included words such as “not,” “no,” “n’t, & likewise (such as, “no preservatives”). The researchers indicated that this is a traditional attempt employed by the upper class to distinguish them from the lower class. For the cheaper potato chips, distinctiveness was still employed, but by explaining a chip’s history and emphasizing the tradition associated with it. The researchers also noted that both classes value authenticity, labeling the upper class as that which values natural authenticity, while the lower class values traditional authenticity. Overall while this study was not a conclusive overview on the class distinction prevulent in grocery store marketing, it provided valuable insight into the ways in which words have power to target and appeal to specific demographics of

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