Literature Review Of First Language Acquisition

Literature Review Introduction In this review, I will look at the Theory of learning about language acquisition and how children acquire their first or second language. The reason why this fields of education interest me is because we are now living in a diverse society where by English is no longer the central language in the school in UK. On the basis of National Data collected via School Census, British Council says that “almost one in six pupils speak English as an additional language” (British Council, 2016). The rate of children with EAL is continues to increasing in UK from Europe and Asia. Based on the literature I am reading how, where and why child will be acquiring knowledge and this process is complex (Clark, 2016). (Vetter…show more content…
(Klein and Anderson, 1986) There are three forms of Language acquisition in children. First Language Acquisition (FLA): (Clark, 2016) First language is acquired by children from their parents or family which is the child’s native language. The process of FLA varies depending on some elements like how the child is socially interacting, as well as the child’s level of cognitive skills. Parents should be specifying how, why and where the child is acquiring knowledge. The learning environment for a child should be rich and stimulating, even if the child is learning from television, radio or through play. (Vetter and Howell, 1971) Initially children construct and use their own language which begins with babbling while imitating their parents or family and gradually uses single word for example ‘baby’ then simple sentences like ‘I want baby’ and eventually use complex sentences in their first or native language. They need to be a good role model for their child, because in this early stage of their life whatever they will observe they will imitate, because children have no sense of judgement whether they are doing right or wrong. Children learn about their culture, community and values from their parents, siblings or family members while acquiring communication
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