Literature Review Of Echolalia

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Literature Review of Echolalia
Tim O’Callaghan
Georgia State University Literature Review of Echolalia
Echolalia is one of the more common manifestations that individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) display (Chung, 1998). It can be useful to start by defining the term echolalia. Although different papers varied slightly in the definition, in more recent researchpapers have included the following definition:
Echolalia is a verbal disorder, defined as ‘a meaningless repetition of the words of others.’ It is pathological, automatic and non-intentional behavior, often observed in a variety of neurological and psychological disorders and above all in autism. (wRay 2000 p.1)
To state it
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Echolalia can be seen as more than “nonsense talk”, it gives the individual with ASD some way to communicate. As they are learning the structures of conversation they understand where they are expected to respond, but they do not know what to express. It also helps drown out all the other noises going on, focusing them on the conversation. (Dobbinson, S., Perkins, M., & Boucher, J. 2003)As the individual with ASD starts to understand the rules and becomes more aware of how to communicate, echolalia can decrease (Dobson et al., 2003). Dispite the difficulties that echolalia can cause it can be a useful step towards more typical communication. To state it another way, echolalia is like verbal Greeking. Designers often place random text in a layout during the planning phase of development. They are focused on getting a layout that looks right, before worrying about what the text actually says. In the same way, some individuals with ASD are using echolalia as a way to “design” conversations. While thumbnails are not national ad campaigns, echolalia is not conversations, but it can be a good staring