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In the academic journal, “The Crisis of the American law School”, the authors’ theme is to examine the factors that have led to the high cost of law school and the impact it has on those who decide to go to law school. This academic journal is not the most current research that has been conducted on this topic. However, the information that is in this journal is very resourceful in regards to my topic, the cost of obtaining a legal education. This academic journal was published in 2012. The author of this academic journal is Paul Campos. He is a law professor at the University of Colorado Law School.
The objectives of this journal are; to describe the increase in the cost of American legal education over the past four decades, to explain some of the most important factors that have driven that increase, explore what consequences this increased cost as has had for recent law graduates and current law students, in the context of changing employment market for law school graduates and then finally, consider what sort of immediate and long term challenges are likely to take place a...
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