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“To what extent can literature have an influence on or affect peoples lives?” Literature can be defined as a term to describe the oral or written material, in a wider sense, literature is used with the main focus of describing anything from a creative writing piece to a technical more scientific project, all which stem from and refer to the works of the creative imagination including pieces of drama, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. This essay will be a window, into describing all frameworks of literature, with the score focus revolving around the pending question of “Does literature affect peoples lives?” In the short answer, yes. Literature encompasses all aspects of our lives and shapes the way we view ourself and the world around us. Through…show more content…
Yet it can also, again like all art forms, encourage us for self renewal and to become a better version than ourselves. Sometimes, I find while I read, that I become personally affected by the protagonist and other characters not only in the story, but by the beautiful artistry of the author. Jodi Picoult 's work strikes me that way. Her stories connect with me on personal levels to which I recognise where she is leading my thoughts and emotions, what strikes me as especially unique about her work is the deftness with which she can spin a phrase. The greatest strength of literature that I have come to recognise through writing this essay, and through all art, is the ability it has to expand an individuals perspective. Literature expands our minds and open our eyes to things we are not capable of seeing, feeling, and understanding in our world. I truly believe, that this is the powerful and actual effect of encountering all literature and art into our lives.

In moving forward, literature presents a very strong case of "thought expansion" in the way that either a singular person’s point of view or society at whole is explored along with conceptual thinking, creative thinking, the overlooked power of "mere ' vocabulary" and the communication of a writer 's inner-life. It helps you make sense of the world around you, definitely; reading has been a defining experience in my life. Literature has become a great teacher. Literature shows the imaginative, emotional, intellectual and verbal capacities in the forever changing world we live
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