Literary Criticism In Literature

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Past experiences shape who we are and influence our perceptions of life. The ups and downs people go through in life help to form their personalities and identities; and good or bad experiences alter one 's outlook on life. Writers use many different elements of literature to create or portray an identity and a fundamental truth about humanity. The elements of literature could include poetic devices and personal experience; they are used to help the reader understand and connect to the text better and also allow polysemy. Literary criticism is used to help the reader break down the text and understand it in a simpler way; deconstruction and Marxism will be used to further understand what the writers are trying to say. The following two songs…show more content…
He did everything others and society told him to do when he was growing up only to realize later that nobody actually cared about him. The young man is unhappy and depressed because he does not like the person he has become. "All I 've ever wanted was something to live for... I 've been basing my life upon what others think" (Tatum 9, 11). The young man has let others dictate his life for as long as he could remember; he wants something to life for, he doesn’t want to live the life society has created for him. From this quote we can see that the young man has been through a lot of negative experiences; they change him and shape the person he is today. The mans views have clearly changed; "I have to remind myself that one day, I will be free / free from the rules I followed as a child" (14-15). The young man is constantly reminding himself that he will leave his life behind and start a new one; a new life where he does not worry about what other people think about him. Ever since he was born, other people have ordered him around and changed him to their liking. The ‘others’ mentioned in this text could refer to friends, family, society and even strangers. They all have chosen what the young man will do, be, and his identity. All of the negative events in the young man’s past changes how he thinks and how he handles situations. “I wish I could go back and redo everything,…show more content…
All of the man 's talents will never be known because he will be different and that is not accepted in society. Although he has lost supporters and friends, the man is still determined to change his life and find himself; he is starting over. A truth about humanity is exhibited in this poem, when people are hurt, it changes them and their perception of life. The man was hurt by those he trusted all his life, he was betrayed by them, therefore he changes himself and changes his outlook on life to protect himself. The man’s past experiences made the man he is today and changed his outlook on life. He gives no importance to those people who try to change him and those who do not care about his

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