Literary Characters In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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The Tall Tales of, Canterbury
Why are the Canterbury Tales so important? The Canterbury Tales were different forms of literary works written by Geoffrey Chaucer. In Chaucers The Canterbury Tales he uses personal experiences, observations of London, and unique style to create his Middle Age Tales. He was, not only a talented writer, but also had a very interesting life outside of his works. All of his works differentiate from medieval romance to the practiced of chivalry and courtly love. They prevail different themes, characters, and personalities. Geoffrey Chaucer’s, The Canterbury Tales were a huge part of literature in the Middle Ages. These tales can truly show how we reflect on a lot of things today.
Chaucer 's life before his works
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He then became a soldier in France in the campaigns of the Hundred Years’ War from 1359 to 1366 (Laird 5). The Hundred Years’ War was all about fighting against France, trying to claim French throne. He was sent on seven different occasions to complete missions in France. From 1374 to 1385 he controlled the customs in London (Laird 5), which are jobs controlling goods being exported and imported In his later years of life, he then, was appointed clerk of the king’s work by King Richard 11 (Ellis 11). Chaucer’s’ earlier poetry shows, what was called, “unconstrained with the Inns of Court” (Ellis 10). His expedition from Calais to England is where his poetry first began (Ellis 9). He had many poems, and stories. He wrote in the dialect of London (Ellis 11). His earliest known work was a poem called, The Book of Dutchess which was known to have been written in 1370. Chaucer wrote, The Legend of Good Women between 1380 and 1386 (Ellis 11). Many of his works were written between 1370 and 1380, including: The Parliament of Foules in 1380 in recognition of Valentine’s Day. The House of Fame in 1372-1380, along with, Boece in 1380 (Ellis 10). Chaucer’s last piece of work was in 1399, The Complaint of Chaucer to His Purse. (Ellis 11). One of his most famous arts of works from Chaucer was "The Prologue." It introduced The Canterbury Tales, which started with the pilgrimage. During the pilgrimage, the pilgrims would…show more content…
With the time period being Middle Ages, much of Chaucer 's work reflected on society during his time. This time period was the Middle Ages, better known as the “Dark Ages”. People were trying to recover from the collapse of the Roman Empire during this time. They experienced dramatic cultural stagflation (“Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia”) 25. Society then included knights, clergy, and commons; Much of what Chaucer 's work mentioned and dealt with. Chaucer lived in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages started in about the fifth century and ended around the fifteenth century (“Middle Ages”)16. This time period is where the vikings came about (“Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia”) 26. The Crusades were also during this time, which were series of wars with christians against muslims. The Crusades lasted from 1095 to
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