Literary Analysis: Suds In The Bucket

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Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans illustrates a teenage girl who causes a major conflict in her town when she suddenly elopes with her boyfriend. Similarly, In Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 45, when Lydia ran off to marry without permission puts Lydia 's reputation and her family 's reputation at risk. Wickham 's marriage to the wealthy Miss King failed and the whole town of Meryton was after Wickham on account of the huge debts that he had. Lydia was charmed by him that she attached herself to him without being asked or invited. Lydia’s impulsive actions are the opposite of her sister’s actions which resulted in good marriages. However, because Wickham that he could take advantage of Lydia quickly because of her personality, he did not want…show more content…
In Chapter 2, Charlotte thinks that happiness can happen only by chance since you do not have an opinion of who you are to be married to. Marriage in this society is a means of financial stability and that is more important than love or happiness. Elizabeth, however, believes that love is very important. In Chapter 22, Charlotte marries Mr. Collins because she believes this is her last chance to be married and have a home of her own. Under the difficult circumstances, she feels she has made a right choice because she is a burden to her family and marrying someone like Mr. Collins, who has money shows that she is most likely to move up in a social class. Charlotte, who is in her late twenties, points out that she is not as pretty as many of her friends; in addition, she has not received any other marriage offers. If she stays with her parents, she will be both an emotional burden and a financial strain. She recognizes Mr. Collins as a man who, who has a comical personality, will provide her with a safe home and security. Charlotte considers the proposal to be the best deal she can get and she knows that marriage is her only option to watch a hard…show more content…
Elizabeth believes that Mr. Bingley cares for Jane, but fears that his sisters, Caroline and Louisa, and Mr. Darcy changed Charles Bingley decision of marrying Jane. Elizabeth complains that Bingley can 't direct his own true feelings. The meaning of the song is about a relationship in which both lovers continue to appease their physical and mental desires." They do it because they really cannot stop thinking about each other just like Jane and Mr. Bingley. They still have some feelings for each other, but they are separated by their loved ones. Jane and Elizabeth are the eldest daughters of the Bennet family. They love to read, and they both love the idea of love though Elizabeth doesn 't display it too much. They are very close, since they are very similar compared to their other sisters, and they tell everything to each other, and they both care a lot about their family’s reputation, especially in regards to their actions and future marriages. Though Jane is shy and not as fast as Elizabeth though she is prettier than her sister and Jane tries to think good in everyone and everything and keeps her feeling inside her rather than expressing it just like a relationship with Charles Bingley. On the other side,

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