Literary Analysis Of The Poor Sucker

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Literary Analysis on the novel The Poor Sucker The novel The Poor Sucker by Dr. Kelly DeLong, is a love story between Eddie and April. Despite all of the complications in their relationship, Eddie is determined to maintain the relationship at any cost between him and April. Eddie’s quest for love turns into a struggle of being the poor sucker as he finds himself in awkward situations with April, her family, as well as his own family. There are four main characters critical to this novel. Eddie, the main character, is an eighteen year old who is a lonely, desperate, and determined individual who finds himself in a rut when making many attempts to change situations that are out of his control. April, Eddie’s girlfriend, has low self-esteem…show more content…
Mrs. Bennett, April’s mother, has the inability to give unconditional love. She is an enabler who happens to be a hypochondriac seeking attention—always playing the victim when situations arise. Billy, April’s brother, is a hot head, violent with his sister and others around him, and in need of attention. All of these characters have obvious flaws within themselves and complicate Eddie’s love for April, making him the poor sucker. Eddie is determined to maintain his relationship with April at any cost. He didn’t realize that he was exposing himself to a whole lot of dysfunction when it came to April and her family. Eddie grew up without both his parents in the same household. They are divorced and his mother remarried. Eddie and his father didn’t have a great relationship, his father behaves more like a friend rather than a responsible parent, and yet, Eddie still communicates and spends time with his father. Toward the end of the novel, Eddie’s father dwindles out of his life. His father picks Eddie and his sister up less and less until he doesn’t show up at all. The Bennett family isn’t exactly “the model” family from the inside out. Instead, Eddie see only the dynamics of…show more content…
All of the characters have issues of the past, damaging the present that will affect their future. The relationship between Eddie and April does not have a solid foundation and do not foresee the relationship working out. If April does not seek help regarding her insecurities, she will continue on the path of being like her mother and her brother. Eddie isn’t any better, blinded by love and seeking healthy relationships within unhealthy environments, he will never get what he is truly yearning for. According to Eddie, the void and loneliness he carries is worse than being around his dysfunctional girlfriend and family. Eddie must learn to first love himself enough before seeking love from others. Never the less, he finds comfort in the company of the Bennett family. Though the dynamics within the Bennett household is dysfunctional, Eddie feels as though he influences and play a significant part in each character’s life. He finds delight in knowing that he bonded with each member of the Bennett family not realizing he is dealing with a lot of unresolved issues—Eddie is still a poor
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