Literary Analysis Of The Poem We Real Cool By Brooks

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Reading literature is the most essential way to expand your mind. Some literature Is have read through the year are, the world is too much with us by William Wordsworth, we real cool by Gwendolyn Brooks. Even though the world is too much with us is a pretty interesting poem I feel more drawn to we real cool. I am more drawn to the poem because the message the author is portraying in this poem, the language the author is using to develop the problem in the poem, and because it relates to the place and the environment where I grow up. Both of the poem are a great peace of literature written by two great poets, but we real cool is more drawn to me. First, I am more drawn to “we real cool” by brooks because of the theme’s in this short poem. I…show more content…
In the poem brook write “we real cool”, “sing sin”. The phrase “we sing sin” resembles my childhood because when I was like 13 or 11 I used to live in the projects, I had a friend name Erick. Me and Erick always when to school together singing to dirty rap songs by 50 cent or slim shady we thought we were the coolest kid in school, we also made up a group called the bad boys. Every time Erick when to my house the morning when we were on our way out the building before taking the stairs we would kick on a random door and run down the stair as fast as we can, we never got caught. We also had each other’s back if one of us fight and someone jumps in one of us would try to even the odd. Also the phrase “we die soon” resembles a lot of my childhood, just like me and Erick weren’t the best example of how to behave I personally wasn’t in the right environment, I say the because it was always someone getting shot or people having fights and all of the thing that happens in the hood, like people selling drugs or doing drugs right in front of you. They personally didn’t care how old you were or who you, were they did it in front of you.
In conclusion, I am more drawn to we real cool by Gwendolyn Brooks because the theme the author used to tell her story. She uses Identification, Mortality, making the story more interesting and to me brought back scenes of my childhood. The second reason is the message the author is communication to the audience, my final reason is because it resembles my childhood. Even though you can find literatures everywhere the poem is very interesting, in my opinion, one of the best literature I have read so
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