Literary Analysis Of Oliver Sacks's 'To Age Is To Be Beautiful'

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To Age is To Be Beautiful Skylar Liberty Rose exploits a very stern tone when she displays her beliefs on women in particular, aging in her essay “The Taboo That Still Surrounds The Aging Woman.” Oliver Sacks, displays a different lighthearted tone when he explains his own beliefs on aging in his essay “The Joy of Old Age”. Rose and Sacks both have very different viewpoints on how they write their essays. Sacks is based upon his own point of view on aging and Rose’s essay is based upon the general point of view of women. Sacks talks more about the process of living, hurting and dying, opposed to Rose talks more about women losing their significance as they age. Both of the essayists view aging as a very beautiful thing and display it in a…show more content…
Sacks talks more about himself and his own point of view on aging. Sacks does a fairly well job at displaying aging through his own point of view, but the only person that could relate to that is himself. Rose does a better job at reflecting my ideas on aging by talking about a generalized group of people being affected more than Sacks does by talking about himself. An example of Rose talking about women as a whole in her essay is,“In Western cultures women of a certain age are not revered. They are subjected to the swipe of a metaphorical hand that casts aside the signifies to them that they have all but expired.…show more content…
Rose used her willpower to fight for what she believed in with a very stern tone. She wanted to get her point across, unlike Sacks who had used a very warm and lighthearted tone throughout his essay. Sacks’ essay was very personal and was based upon himself and his own experience of aging opposed to Roses generalization of women aging as a whole. By talking about women aging as a whole, it opened up how i really viewed aging and why it is important to stop all of the negativity towards older women. Sacks focused more about living and dying compared to Rose focusing on how women lose their siginificance as they age. Although both of the essayists viewd aging as a very beautiful thing and displayed it in a very convincing maner, rose was more successful at reflecting my ideas on aging. As Rose would say “Lets own every line of our lives” and “Carpe the ass out of the diem and own each precious

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