Literary Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Graduation

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The joy of the upcoming days getting close-up to a special event of her 8th graduation from Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas was the main focus of Maya Angelou’s “Graduation.” A young African American flourishing scholar waiting with excitement and hope for her graduation moment, and to began a new journey in the real world. Angelou implies her overall excitement into the conflicts of issues that shows a reflection of societal problems that still occur in today’s society. It emphasizes how people have to be strong in everyday life as Maya Angelou did with all circumstances; referring to racism. All Maya’s dreams, hopes and expectations to her graduation day were suddenly shut by a white politician man known as Mr. Edward…show more content…
Inequality discrimination is an occurrence issue in the society. In Maya Angelou’s essay “Graduation,” she presents a form of discrimination based on how the African Americans were treated by whites; implying to short descriptions that she extends in her essay of racism and discrimination in her society was based on her school experience. Such as how they were not valued for their educational intelligence but only physically. For example, “Like travelers with exotic destinations on their minds, the graduates were remarkably forgettable…After tests were returned and grades given, the student body, which acted like an extended family, knew who did it well, who excelled, and what piteous ones had failed” ( Maya Angelou 21). This quote reflects on a class social preference. I believe Maya’s describes this as a disappointment and discrimination between those who has money to travel and willing workers. I personally admit that racism affects the society and everyone is equal and this quote signifies the unfairness they affront to in society. Such as American race having preferences for their race is not fair for others. As this quote stated that some professors gave changes to those who were high class by accepting their tardiness and late work just because of their race. This represents crucial unfair act. Same as the central school (white school) been established for “improvements”, a “well-known artist” was going to go to teach them about art, and other supplies in which makes them better because they have everything to be well known as an improvement great school as for Stamps school; Donleavy acknowledge that is possible for African American to learn successfully but they only lie in sports or service worker (Angelou 27). At this point, the man’s words were really offensive to African American race such as a mean discrimination and making them feel all their work is
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