Literary Analysis Of After Apple Picking By Robert Frost

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Literary analysis of the poem “After Apple picking” by Robert Frost
Eliani Hoyt
Professor: Patricia Pallis
ENG 102: Literature and Composition

Robert Lee Frost can be considered as one of the best poets in the world of poetry. He was an American by birth and highly recognized as one of the realistic poet. He had lot of skills in rural life and colloquial English in American literature. He has written several poems on nature and the rural life mist of them have become realistic masterpieces. He was honored several occasions for his works. He was one of the greatest people, who have depicted the life of the rural people. The poem” AFTER APPLE-PICKING” was one of his masterpieces and it is related to the farm
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The worker has lot of help from the outside it has depicted in the next image “Rumbling sound of load on load of apples “
The image “white “is used by the poet in his poem in order to indicate the peace and the calmness of the life. It can be considered as the expected serenity that the worker expects after his daily chorus or in other words after life.
The poet has used his language to convey the meaning in the proper manner. He does not use onomatopoeia in this poem instead of that he has used simple rhyming scheme to his poem while refraining from using harsh and ardors words in his work. He has increased the intensity of the worker by applying certain words such as “trees”, “apples” “harvest”, “and ladder” to create a comprehensive idea in the reader.
As the whole the poet was able to create a vivid picture of the life, aimlessness and the death by employing his poem. The unique features of this nature and realistic poet can be visible through of the work. Frost has used the literary techniques to certain extent. The rhyme and the imageries of the poem have helped a lot to develop the poem, while demonstrating the characteristics of the

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