Literary Analysis: Like Mexicans, By Gary Soto

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“Like Mexicans” Essay
In the short reading “Like Mexicans” Gary Soto is undecided about what route he should pursue when moving on into the future. In his early teens his grandmother told him to become a barber and to marry a Mexican girl, Soto’s mother told him this as well. When Soto was in his twenties he ended up falling in love with a Japanese woman named Carolyn. Towards the end of the story Soto realized that the reason his mom wanted him to marry a Mexican girl was because they are in the same social class as him. At the end of the story when Soto is at Carolyn’s house he perceived that her family was different, but they were just like Mexicans because they were poor. Throughout this story Soto crossed three life changes: Culture, food,
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Poor people” (13). Carolyn’s people had the same attributes that Soto was familiar to. Her family was poor like his family but they were just a different race. Soto did a significant thing by going over to a different household to explore a dissimilar lifestyle than his. Because of his significant act, this opens up Soto’s propositions on people who are not Mexican.
To illustrate, Soto found out that Carolyn’s family would eat different foods than his family. In the beginning of the story his mom can be spotted in the kitchen as “she slapped a round steak with a knife, her glasses slipping down with each strike” (10). Throughout the story, Soto’s mother is seen cooking foods such as burgers, beans, and steak. Soto would always eat food similar to each other; he did not have any variety with food. When Carolyn takes Soto to meet her parents, they ate sandwiches, potato chips, and they drank ice tea. Carolyn’s mother eventually offered Soto a meal of sushi. Soto described it as “a plate of black and white things were held in front of me” (14) when the sushi was at his disposal. After he ate the sushi, Soto and Carolyn’s family talked for an hour while they had Apple pie and drank coffee. It was good for Soto to try the sushi because it shows him how food can be diverse just as much as race can
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It eventually made him only want to marry a woman who was just like him, a woman who was poor. Everyone in Soto’s life wanted him to marry a Mexican girl not only because they would both be poor, but because all of his close family members married Mexicans also. Even his best friend Scott wanted him to marry a Mexican girl, stating “she’s too good for you, so you better not” (12) after Soto asked him if he should marry a Mexican girl instead of Carolyn. Scott felt like Carolyn was too good for Soto because she was a different race than Mexican. If Soto found a Mexican girl instead of a Japanese girl everybody that Soto knows would be fine if he married a Mexican girl because they know they are poor. Soto did not consider Carolyn poor because she did not fit the description of being unwealthy.
In the end of the story, Sotos was happy that he continued with his plan. Soto Should have been thinking more of what he wanted because it could have taken him further. His family brainwashed him by telling him he was not good enough for other girls in a higher social class. Through his journey on marrying Carolyn, Soto went through three major life changes: Culture, food, and marriage. Similarly, In my childhood my father wanted me to be a successful basketball player. That was something I did not want to take seriously for my life so I chose skateboarding. Making my own choice to keep skateboarding throughout my life has brought me many magnificent
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