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Evaluation Essay As I lowered into the water for the first time my eyes were greeted by an amazing school of fish of all sizes and shapes. While slowly descending, I could see off in the distance an underwater landscape. I never dreamed I would see things underwater in such clarity. If I stared long enough, I could make out the smallest detail of the activity that was going on below me. I could see small baby fish trying to get away from their parents, larger fish sleeping, and a reef system bustling with life. This is why I scuba dive, I reminded myself, to see amazing underwater worlds and their abundance of life. I have experienced those kinds of dives many times in the warm tropical waters. So when the suggestion was made to go diving in a local quarry, I immediately questioned why. I knew that a quarry is an area that was once used for mining stone, that has filled up with water from a natural spring once the mining activity was abandoned, I just did not understand why anyone would want to dive in one. Is there interesting aquatic life to observe? Are there things to explore? Would diving in such a place allow me to improve my dive skills? Despite my apprehension, after my first cold fresh water quarry dive, I could positively answer these questions and say that diving in a cold water quarry was just as rewarding as any warm water tropical dive. As a diver, I want to see diverse aquatic life and experience how they live and interact with their natural environment. In warm tropical environments divers can observe thousands of species of fish, plant, and other animals among numerous coral reefs, which are home to this never ending entertainment of wildlife. I found that a cold water quarry offers the diversity of aquatic lif... ... middle of paper ... ...ion skills. It is also very common to find training platforms that have been put in the quarry for divers to practice basic dive techniques. A quarry's silt bottom is perfect for practicing or enhancing buoyancy skills, which every diver needs to perfect. Whatever the dive skill that a diver wants to practice, a quarry makes it possible I feel most divers have not, or don’t give quarry diving its due diligence. With most quarries being in closer driving distance, divers can dive more often. I think that a serious diver should embrace any diving opportunity that can improve their skills and allow for exploring something new. If given a chance, quarry diving is an opportunity for any diver to have an eye opening and rewarding experience that brings with it a fantastic opportunity to study diverse aquatic life, explore many interesting objects, and perfect dive skills.
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