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There will always be coflict in this world, the peace we ever acheive is only euphemeral. Humans are social organisms. They are able to communicate and process ideas to form the greater thought. Like, what is harmony? The key idea to realize is that it is attainable. However, on the flip side of such facade, there is discord and anarchy in the natural instincts of those individuals who only strive to survive. In the novel, "The Tortilla Curtain" by T.C Boyle, Cándido Rincon, the Mexican lead, is observed as unrighteously restricted by his drean if an easy life in America. However, his plan goes severely off-track. Boyle uses spiteful tones, serious irony, and delinquent symbolism to delineate Cándido as isolated by his promising but incompetent personality to render the American Dream as unattainable to Mexicans. First off, the usage of spiteful tones. Constantly throughout the novel, Boyle develops the characters to gab negatively about their opposite race. The Mexicans talk smack about the Caucasians, and the Caucasians speak trashily about the Mexicans. The tones spell out a troubled life in California due to "a tresspasser, a polluter, a Mexican." (229) These word chouces are powerful and show the lack of morality regarding the Mexican illegals. The citizens of California, "There was no mistaking the meaning: BEANERS DIE" (62) this goes to show that some Californian "people are fed up with it." (146) It is a life-long struggle that threatens both existences. In a state only two steps from the border, it raises no reluctance about the wrong idea "assuming they were illegals, but even illegals had rights under the Constitution, and what if they were legal citiznes of the U.S.A., what then?" (185) The prejudice Cándido faces sepp... ... middle of paper ... ...ns of the coyote, he stole dog food, wooden pallets, saqcks of vegetables and even a scrap of doghouse carpet just to provide América with basic stolen items.This symbolism colors Cádido as isolated because he is on the same level as that off a wild coyote who leeches life off the Americans. In general conclusion, T.C Boyle, author of the novel, The Tortilla Curtain, expressed the isolation of Mexicans in an American society by appointing his Mexican protagonist to be shaded as a no-good, scumbag, "beaner" (62) from the spiteful tones, his serious irony on the Americans perspective, and the delinquent, dirty, rotten, symbolism. The overall usage of literary deviced divulge Cándido Rincon as isolated by his hopeless endeavors for an exemplary life to ultimately reveal America as gruelling and unrelenting towards the Mexican illegals of the state in today's society.
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