Literacy Coaching Essay

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Aspects of Literacy Coaching Literacy coaching is a very broad job with many demands and not all are clearly stated. Most literacy coaches have to establish their own job descriptions as to their roles and responsibilities and provide them to administrators such as superintendents and principals for approval. Here are some general roles and responsibilities of literacy coaches: 1. Develop relationships with teachers through respect, trust, and Confidentiality. 2. Develop workable relations with teachers in the classroom by demonstrating lessons and co-teaching. 3. Develop professional development instruction in literacy skills, procedures, and strategies. 4. Establish workable relations with teachers either one-on-one, small group, or large group instruction or discussions. 5. Conduct walk-throughs alone or with principals to observe students in action with the implementing innovative literacy strategies. 6. Establish worthy communication lines with…show more content…
Principle one is literacy coaching involves particular knowledge in literacy. Literacy coaches must have an abundant knowledge of literacy processes, skills, assessments, strategies, and fresh researched topics in literacy. To acquire the literacy knowledge needed to be literacy coaches they should have a higher education with a Master’s degree in reading or go through a reading specialist program. It’s been noted in several studies by L’allier and Elish-Piper (2006) and Elish-Piper and L’allier (2007) that teachers who were supported by literacy coaches their students improved greatly in their reading assessment scores. In additions literacy coaches need to learn how to work with teachers by understanding how an adult learns. For instance, teachers need to be involved in the instructional planning by being appreciated for the knowledge, experience, and suggestions, which can be openly discussed rather than being turned
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