Literacy And Freedom Of Slavery

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Literacy and Freedom in Slavery “Learning To Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass and Self-Taught: African American Education In Slavery both tell of the obstacles faced my slaves to become literate. Both readings told similar struggles from the view of different slaves. After reading both I couldn 't help but question was gaining literacy essential to freedom? I came to the realization that it was in fact a key factor to freedom. In “Learning to read and write ” Frederick Douglass described the obstacles that he faced trying to get an education as a slave.During the time of slavery the idea of slaves reading and writing was viewed as deadly. In his narration he expressed how his enslavers did what ever they could to prevent him from learning. Although he described his mistress as a kind and tender-hearted, she assured him that slavery and education was incompatible. “Nothing seemed to make her more angry then to see me with a news paper. She seemed to think that here lay danger”. That was the moment he understood the severity of an education. As he continued his journey in literacy the horrendous truths of slavery became more evident to him. He now knew why his enslavers feared reading and writing amongst the slaves, both would lead them to freedom. In learning to read Douglass learned of human rights, petitions of abolishing slavery and the role of abolitionist. Where he had lost hope of freedom ' he regained it with knowledge. Frederick Douglass knew his ability to read and write would one day lead him to his freedom. Self-Taught: African American Education in Slavery and Freedom also focused on the journey to literacy for slaves. Unlike “Learning to Read and Write ” this narration focused on the experience of ... ... middle of paper ... ...inequality existed. All Chicago Public Schools did not suffer just the ones with poor academics. I thought how could we excel if not given the proper tools. I relate to both narrations in regards of not seen as equal. I feel that african americans will always face obstacles in education, however they will never be as challenging as the ones slaves endured. In conclusion after reading “Learning to Read and Write” and Self-Taught: African American Education In Slavery and Freedom I was able to get a better understanding in how literacy connected to freedom. Learning to read and write ensured them that slavery was not infinite. I believe that so many slaves successfully escaped because they fought so hard to become educated. I learned to appreciate reading and writing on a different level. Without their fight my education would not exist.
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