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The academic achievement among students in denominational Roman Catholic schools has stimulated researchers to investigate the topic within the Caribbean region. Each study done focused on one factor that may lead to academic success in schools. Worrell and Bucknavage (2004) did a study on the participation in extra-curricular activities by 1312 students attending 12 prestige schools in Trinidad, 11 schools being denominational, utilising questionnaires. The study revealed that despite a tremendous majority participating in activities, there was no significant relationship between involvement in the activities and student achievement. They believed that because the participants were from the top tier secondary schools in Trinidad, the perceived academic achievement would be high with or without engagement in extra-curricular activities. Hutton (2009) examined principals of schools as a factor for academic success in schools when she conducted interviews with 26 high performing principals who were ranked as the best in each type of school, including denominational schools, in Jama...

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