Listening Is More Than Just Hearing

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Whenever someone hears the word “listening”, they likely think of hearing what other people are saying. However; listening is far more than just hearing what someone is saying. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is the physiological occurrence when soundwaves hit a human’s eardrum. On the other hand, listening is more complex because the process contains being mindful, receiving the message, selecting and organizing the message, interpreting the message, responding and remembering the message. Mindfulness is giving someone your undivided attention when they are speaking. This is definitely something that I need to improve on, especially when I am talking on the phone. My dad is a truck driver so we mainly communicate through the phone and sometimes when he calls I am watching television and since I am trying to listen to two things at once, I neglect one or the other. Physically receiving the message is the easiest part of this complex process because it is automatic for us to physically hear someone speak. Selecting and organizing the message can become a little blurry. We usually select information by our interest, culture and expectations. We organize information by which we attended. Interpreting the information, we have received can be a bit tricky. For example, many people have completely different perspectives so it is important for the person on the receiving end of the information to try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes to see where they are coming from. In other words, the person receiving the information should try their best to see how the information is coming from the other person’s perspective. When we interpret the information from only our perspective, we then ... ... middle of paper ... I am more interested on what they are saying in Grey’s Anatomy than what my father’s day consisted of; it is definitely something I need to improve. Monopolizing is when we keep the conversation mainly on ourselves than the other person who is talking. Nothing grinds my gears more than people who always turn my problems and makes it someone about them. Either they one up you by telling you what happen to them or they tell you a similar situation and then go on and on about their situation and ignoring your situation. After reading this chapter, I believe that I can become a better listener. I just need to remember to always be mindful and to show respect by actively listening to others. Especially before I get into the nursing occupation. I will be dealing with people’s lives at that point so it is imperative that I keep improving on my listening skills.
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