Lionel Messi

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Born in 1987, in Rosario, Argentina, Lionel Messi is an Argentinean soccer player who is currently playing for a European soccer club called, FC Barcelona as a forward. He has played in Barcelona since his professional career as a soccer player started. Also, Messi is Spanish as well too; because he has lived in Spain for aver five years and therefore he got his Spanish citizenship. With only 169 centimeters of height, and 68 kg of weight, Lionel Messi has achieved lots of things with the national and club teams, but also many personal awards during his young career as a professional player that is still going on. Messi started to play soccer at a very young age, in his hometown Rosario, Argentina. While in Argentina Messi played for the, “Rosario Central Football club”, youth divisions and impressed his coaches with his amazing skills and the unique way to drivel with his left foot around the opponents. These people were sure of the talent that Messi had, but did not want to give him a contract, because while in Argentina, Messi was diagnosed with a disorder called, Hormone Deficiency. This is a disorder that if the “Pituitary Gland”, does not create enough hormones, the growth of the person will be slower than the normal, (web). After years later Mess i’s parents decided to move to Barcelona, Spain. And it was there where the city’s soccer club gave him a chance to play for their youth teams. After several months of watching Messi play, the Fc Barcelona scouters were amazed by the great moves that Messi showed during games. So, they decide to take the chance and gave Messi a contract, which included paying for the treatment to help him have a normal growth. At that time Messi was thirteen years old, and with the treatment Mes... ... middle of paper ... ...s of today Messi is getting ready for the world cup that is going to be playing in South Africa this summer, and hopefully Messi and the Argentinean squad do better that the world cup that they play in Germany four years ago. They got disqualified in the quarter finals by the hosting nation Germany. In conclusion, we can see that Messi’s career have been successful in over a short period of time. But, has also had some upsets that were overcome by the young superstar and also overcame his disorder to reach his goal of being a professional soccer player. In addition, all his hard work have paid off because he won some of the most prestigious award that a soccer player can get at this level, like the Golden Ball. And that can say that he is the “FIFA World Player”, of the seasons 2008 and 2009, because all the people decided that he decided, such as thing like that.
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