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“It’s about a people-driven economy, stupid” (Lister, et al, 2011, p. 279). Although crass, this comment sums up our current global electronic marketplace. Consumers are the key to success in the socialnomic world. Products, jobs, and corporations refer by word-of-mouth, or world-of-mouth, as the internet has become (Lister, et al, 2011). More and more employers and employees link together on LinkedIn, the second-largest social networking site in existence (Press, 2011). LinkedIn arguably represents the best business tool on the web for both recruiters and potential employees.

LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003 as the first of the major social networking sites, just in front of Facebook, which launched in February, 2004 ( ). By April 2004, just before its first birthday, LinkedIn reached 500,000 members (Wilson, 2010). Now over 135 million members link there, and Fortune magazine recently made LinkedIn “the only social site to fire up your career” (Wilson, 2010).

LinkedIn certainly fired up the careers of its founders. Although only the original founder Reid Hoffman is still with the company, the company’s net worth now exceeds 1.7 billion dollars. The founders and initial investors knew cyber technology, coming from Silicon Valley, Google, and IPO investments. LinkedIn makes business news, national news, and even blog news every month. LinkedIn, unlike other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, has no competitors in the business professional social networking arena. As such, it commands the attention of both job seekers and those looking to fill their empty positions.

Listening to its consumers gave LinkedIn top media representation, as well as a loyal customer base. Consumers are taking ownership...

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