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Linacre was founded in 1962 and is named after the influential Renaissance man, humanist, medical scientist and physician to King Henry VIII, Thomas Linacre (1460-1524), who also distinguished himself in Greek while studying at All Souls College. The college uses Linacre’s achievements as inspiration for its own ideals and purpose, encouraging academic vigour. It has also become one of the leading exponents of green issues and provides a base for students studying environmental change. It was the first Oxford College to gain a certified fair-trade status and the first carbon-neutral college from Oxbridge – an achievement that did not go unnoticed by the Secretary for the State and Environment. All students are expected to do their bit and recycle as much as possible. Graduate only Linacre is the sixth youngest college in Oxford and only accepts post-graduates, of which it has around 300. These students are actively encouraged to present their research to colleagues for discussion and exchange. The college is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and has a number of generous scholarships in place to help needy students. It was one of the first co-educational colleges in Oxford and considers itself thoroughly modern with a reputation for fine food and popular parties. Fellows, students and staff are not segregated, all using a single common room and dine together in a hall that has no high table. There is a diverse international blend of students from over fifty countries. Despite being proudly modern, Linacre realised there are some Oxford traditions worth upholding and it provides a Formal Hall once a week, where gowns must be worn. The Common Room provides the little treats that students need to function properly – tea... ... middle of paper ... ...y-four hours a day to cater for the needs of the nocturnal and those that leave essays to the last minute. Student porters The students are offered two ways to earn money to reduce their battels (college financial account), they either work in the student run bar or do a three hour shift as a student porter – which involves providing reception services and managing the fire alarms. The college is one of the few that is not affiliated with The Oxford Student Union. Some religious institutions do not join on moral grounds, the union is seen as promoting contraception; Linacre’s objections are wholly financial, feeling the high fees deliver little benefit. Linacre has a body of passionate students who celebrate the delightful differences it has from the more historic colleges that have repressive hierarchical structures and fierce bowler hat wearing porters.