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China is a one of the largest economies today. It is a leading manufacturer region in the world, as well as a key contributor to the world’s economy. The unique culture sets the country apart from others because of how high in context it is. High context cultures lean towards implied and indirect forms of communication; most of the time it is subtle. Based on Hofstede’s dimensions, China is low in uncertainty avoidance and individualism but high in power distance and long-term orientation. Long-term oriented societies feel a significant value in actions that affect the future. An example includes persevering in a work activity that cannot be overcome with force. So what is it like doing business in China? Well, it is not an easy task to complete but the outcome can be quite successful. Without a presence in China, businesses are only considered to be an international company. To be considered a global company, the corporation must be present in China.
Doing business in China can be challenging. William Perry wrote an article entitled “Learning the business basics about China,” which can be helpful to form a foundation for businesspeople. He said, “Many Americans believe that China is a withdrawn, repressive, and ruthless Marxist state. China, however, is actively involved in international trade and has a basic understanding of business and commerce” (Perry). A large amount of trade takes place internationally. Because many business transactions take place, it often occurs that the quality of products produced is poor. Managers are supposed to supervise production and enforce regulations to produce the best quality of products as possible, but in China the managers are focused on the quantity produced rather than...

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...ectionism is a large factor because foreign companies are afraid that local courts in China might have the tendency to protect local interests” (Ye). The last main problem is the inability to locate assets. Local Chinese courts may be “unable to locate the asset of the party against whom the award is rendered to enforce the award” (Ye). This can occur in other countries as well as evolve into even larger problems.
China is a key part of the world’s economy and helps create international business. The market is constantly growing and evolving, therefore attracting foreign companies because of its success. While there are difficulties when entering the Chinese economy, the results are well worth it. China is always trying to improve its legal system and adapt to international standards, therefore making it an acceptable location to establish a foreign business.
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