Lindberg Baby Kidnapping

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Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping In this historical event, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., son of famous aviator and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was kidnapped on March 1, 1932. The kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh’s son, a 20 month old, was devastation to the couple and the society. The kidnapping had many different viewpoints as to what actually happened when their child was kidnapped; it was horrifying not only was it devastating it took the family by surprise. The Charles Lindbergh kidnapping of 1932 was a major historical event that impacted the world greatly. Therefore the main focus points about this case are the kidnapping, the ransom, and the mutilated body, which was found not far from their home. On March 1, 1932 Charles Jr. was abducted from the family second-floor nursery while everyone was still home. As stated in the Conspiracy Theories in American History, that the family was normally in Englewood, New Jersey on weekdays and Charles had forgotten about an appointment that he was supposed to have attended previously. Betty Gown, the baby’s nursemaid, went to the nursery at around ...

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